How to Make Sure That Movers are Not Scamming You

There are many things that come to the mind when a person is researching on the moving companies. Getting their aid for shifting is always a benefit, but every time you search for a good moving company, a doubt always haunts that whether the company is a good choice for the move or what if they are scammers or fraudulent. A person spends a huge amount of his savings on packers and movers services, but when the investment goes wrong then it becomes the biggest regret for a lifetime.  For a comfortable move, we all require the moving professionals, but getting scammed by them gives the worst experience ever. Like other service industry, advance deposit for attaining certain services is required but what if the movers don’t turn out, after you paid a handsome amount to them as advance payment, what to do then. Considering the worst that can happen, it is better to scan each and every aspect of moving company clearly.

Do Movers Require Advance Deposit

When you will approach a moving company, as soon as they will provide you quote and you tick them for the move, they would demand the advance deposit. The amount is definitely not less and hence a very wise decision is required for the same. Coming to the point of the requirement of advance deposit that whether it is necessary to pay or not, we would say that yes it is required. Like all other services, we pay in advance so that the service provider could book his time and slot for our work, the same goes for packers and movers, hence advance payment is required. It really does not mean that if movers are taking advance payment for their services, they are scammers. It is a part of professionalism, but yes being alert is something always required.

What are the Components of Moving Company Charges?

Before hiring the movers for their services, it is required that one should know about the charges, they implement and whether the charges are justified or not. To make you understand it in a much better way, we are here mentioning about the components of moving charges.

Packing Supply Charges: The first inclusion of mover’s charges is the cost of packing supply that would be used for packing the things. When the movers would come to evaluate the possession, they will make a rough estimate of packing supplies that they would be using for the moving process.

Packing Charges: Not all the items that are the possession of household would be packed in the same manner, there are some items that need specialized packing. For packing the complicated items, movers charge separately.

Moving Truck Charges: In the charges of packers and movers, one important and one big portion is the charge of moving truck. Depending on the number of goods that one is carrying, the size of truck depends upon. The bigger the moving truck would be, the more it would charge.

Labor Charges: Labor charge is also amongst the inclusion of moving quote. Depending on the difficulty level of move, the manpower is decided. For instance, if a person is moving with many goods or many complex items then more manpower is required and if moving with simple goods then less is needed.

Distance: Distance is another important factor in deciding on the overall charges of the move. The more goods would be travelling on road, or the more distance goods would be covering, the more you would be charged. A local move is comparatively cheap because of the distance.

Road Taxes: This is although a small investment, but when the distance is long or when one is covering many state borders then it may turn out to be one amongst the biggest portion of moving charges.

Clearance Charges and Miscellaneous Charges: Clearance charges and other miscellaneous charges may also appear at the end of the move. For instance, if you have now decided to take your old sofa along with that earlier you were not planning then this will also become one amongst the important share of the move, and like this many other charges get implemented by the end of the move.

These are main classifications of moving charges. When the movers are providing you charges for the move then make sure that he justifies each and every charge. If a mover is providing the complete detailing of the charges it is implementing then you can trust it, but in case there is no complete detailing then it is suspicious.

Signs That Will Let You Know About Fraudulent Movers

Knowing about the movers in advance is required so that nothing should go wrong. To help you make the correct decision regarding the movers, we are here telling you the signs that will let you know about the fraudulent movers so that you can spot them at the beginning itself.

Unjustified Charges: When you would be dealing with unprofessional movers, the first thing that would make the things clear is their unclear charges. They would tell you the estimate of the move, and would not clear about the charges. There would be movers who would provide comparatively low charges; it also suggests that not everything is good. If they are charging low initially then they may burden you up at the last moment with extra charges.

Negative Reviews: One best way to know about fraud moving company is the negative review. If many people are saying the same thing about the company then it really does mean that everything is not good with the same. Checking out reviews about the company is always required, to make sure you are making the right decision.

No Proper Address: Well, it is not hard and fast but a moving company with no proper physical address or fixed line number is suspicious and can be fraudulent. However, if the company is old and has many branches all over the country or globally then you can trust the same.

Deciding each and everything about the move beforehand is important, and this makes the decision on best packers and movers important. Scanning and researching on moving company would prevent scams and you can reach a positive conclusion by the end of it.

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