12 Tips to Make Unpacking a Cakewalk after Move

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So, you have moved the last box to your new home and now the moving process is done. If you think that it is over, then wait because it is not. People think that once their goods reach to the new place everything regarding the move is over but it is not. Unpacking is the most essential and in the meantime the most complicated process of relocation.

When it comes to packing, you can just stuff the items in a box and can move ahead but unpacking is all different from this. You need to follow a complete strategy for the same and also have to make sure that things are arranged properly.

In case you are going to face the situation then we have something worth learning for you. Here are 12 tips that will make unpacking a cakewalk for you. After you make a move to the new home, these 12 tips will help you to make unpacking cakewalk. Follow the tips and you will feel that you are able to setup your new home without mess.

#1 Crosscheck the Inventory

Once the things are at the final destination, the first and the foremost important thing that you are supposed to do is to crosscheck the inventory. You should do the task, right there only because in case of any loss or damage you can immediately call the moving company or the transportation services you have hired for shifting.

#2 Apply for Insurance in Case of Damage insurance

Before you make a move, you should always make sure that your goods are insured. Moving under a safe shelter will always make sure that you will not meet with any unwanted situation by the end of the move. In case, any damage has happened during the shifting of things then you should apply for the insurance immediately. Taking pictures of item before and after moving will help you to get the claim easily.

#3 Check If Utility Supply Working

In order to lead a comfortable life at the new place, you should have proper utility supply. Checking if the utility supply is working or not is all on your behalf and you should do that adequately. In case you are moving to a new city then you should contact the utility supply company immediately, but if you are making move in the same city then it would be better to fix the things before you move.

#4 Make an Efficient Floor Plan

Making a floor plan for arranging the things is as necessary as having a professional guide with you while you do anything. You should have a clear idea as what things would be put where. Once you are confirm about the location of the things, you can manage rest of the things easily.

#5 Clean and Start the Task with Hygiene

Hygiene is the most important thing that has to be done while relocating and especially when you are packing and unpacking the things. Make a clean space to put all the boxes and clean rest of the house. Start cleaning from top to bottom. Make sure you are cleaning every corner because this is the only time you can do it. Once the things would be arranged, you cannot clean it in that way.

#6 Remove Obstacles

In order to do the things in easiest manner, you should remove all the possible obstacles from the way. Other than complicating the things you should make sure that you simplify the process by removing the possible obstacles on the way.

#7 Stock Boxes at Clean Spacestack boxes

You should stock the boxes before unpacking at a clean space. You should always designate the things to proper space so that, it may not become mess. Stocking boxes at a clean space and then moving forward to place it at the right room will make everything simplified.

#8 Transfer Boxes to Respective Room

Once the home is clean then the most important task is to transfer the boxes at the respective room. Room by room packing is the most essential and effective step of relocation. You should always make sure that you are not jumping to pack everything in one-go. It will take time, hence unpack room by room.

#9 Clean the Kitchen before Unpacking

Cleaning kitchen is very important. You should clean the whole space before you place the items there. It is suggested that kitchen should be the last place to pack and first room to unpack when you are making the move. This will help you to start the new life there unhesitant.

#10 Make the Bedroom Accessible

Unpacking is a tiring task to do; hence you should clean up some space for relaxation. Nothing better than the bedroom, can do this favor for you. Make the bedroom accessible, so that you can relax in between the unpacking process.

#11 Declutterdeclutter

Even if you have started packing after declutter chances are high that you will still meet up with the unwanted items by the end of the move. It is necessary that you should declutter the things. There is no use to stack unnecessary items as they will only occupy the space and nothing else.

#12 Treat and Relax

Well, it is well known that unpacking is a tiring task, so don’t forget to treat yourself with some good food. Relaxing your body and soul is as necessary because you cannot afford to make yourself ill during the same. Treat and relax as they are also the essentials of moving process.

happy unpacking

Unpacking is a mystery. The more you try to solve it the more complicated it will become. You should make an effective plan. Don’t try to do everything by own because in this way you can lose your mind. Hiring packers and movers for the task is definitely an effective step. But, make sure that you are hiring them with full research. As there are already many fake and fraud moving companies that are working in the industry, hence always choose the right one efficiently.

How to Make Sure That Movers are Not Scamming You

There are many things that come to the mind when a person is researching on the moving companies. Getting their aid for shifting is always a benefit, but every time you search for a good moving company, a doubt always haunts that whether the company is a good choice for the move or what if they are scammers or fraudulent. A person spends a huge amount of his savings on packers and movers services, but when the investment goes wrong then it becomes the biggest regret for a lifetime.  For a comfortable move, we all require the moving professionals, but getting scammed by them gives the worst experience ever. Like other service industry, advance deposit for attaining certain services is required but what if the movers don’t turn out, after you paid a handsome amount to them as advance payment, what to do then. Considering the worst that can happen, it is better to scan each and every aspect of moving company clearly.

Do Movers Require Advance Deposit

When you will approach a moving company, as soon as they will provide you quote and you tick them for the move, they would demand the advance deposit. The amount is definitely not less and hence a very wise decision is required for the same. Coming to the point of the requirement of advance deposit that whether it is necessary to pay or not, we would say that yes it is required. Like all other services, we pay in advance so that the service provider could book his time and slot for our work, the same goes for packers and movers, hence advance payment is required. It really does not mean that if movers are taking advance payment for their services, they are scammers. It is a part of professionalism, but yes being alert is something always required.

What are the Components of Moving Company Charges?

Before hiring the movers for their services, it is required that one should know about the charges, they implement and whether the charges are justified or not. To make you understand it in a much better way, we are here mentioning about the components of moving charges.

Packing Supply Charges: The first inclusion of mover’s charges is the cost of packing supply that would be used for packing the things. When the movers would come to evaluate the possession, they will make a rough estimate of packing supplies that they would be using for the moving process.

Packing Charges: Not all the items that are the possession of household would be packed in the same manner, there are some items that need specialized packing. For packing the complicated items, movers charge separately.

Moving Truck Charges: In the charges of packers and movers, one important and one big portion is the charge of moving truck. Depending on the number of goods that one is carrying, the size of truck depends upon. The bigger the moving truck would be, the more it would charge.

Labor Charges: Labor charge is also amongst the inclusion of moving quote. Depending on the difficulty level of move, the manpower is decided. For instance, if a person is moving with many goods or many complex items then more manpower is required and if moving with simple goods then less is needed.

Distance: Distance is another important factor in deciding on the overall charges of the move. The more goods would be travelling on road, or the more distance goods would be covering, the more you would be charged. A local move is comparatively cheap because of the distance.

Road Taxes: This is although a small investment, but when the distance is long or when one is covering many state borders then it may turn out to be one amongst the biggest portion of moving charges.

Clearance Charges and Miscellaneous Charges: Clearance charges and other miscellaneous charges may also appear at the end of the move. For instance, if you have now decided to take your old sofa along with that earlier you were not planning then this will also become one amongst the important share of the move, and like this many other charges get implemented by the end of the move.

These are main classifications of moving charges. When the movers are providing you charges for the move then make sure that he justifies each and every charge. If a mover is providing the complete detailing of the charges it is implementing then you can trust it, but in case there is no complete detailing then it is suspicious.

Signs That Will Let You Know About Fraudulent Movers

Knowing about the movers in advance is required so that nothing should go wrong. To help you make the correct decision regarding the movers, we are here telling you the signs that will let you know about the fraudulent movers so that you can spot them at the beginning itself.

Unjustified Charges: When you would be dealing with unprofessional movers, the first thing that would make the things clear is their unclear charges. They would tell you the estimate of the move, and would not clear about the charges. There would be movers who would provide comparatively low charges; it also suggests that not everything is good. If they are charging low initially then they may burden you up at the last moment with extra charges.

Negative Reviews: One best way to know about fraud moving company is the negative review. If many people are saying the same thing about the company then it really does mean that everything is not good with the same. Checking out reviews about the company is always required, to make sure you are making the right decision.

No Proper Address: Well, it is not hard and fast but a moving company with no proper physical address or fixed line number is suspicious and can be fraudulent. However, if the company is old and has many branches all over the country or globally then you can trust the same.

Deciding each and everything about the move beforehand is important, and this makes the decision on best packers and movers important. Scanning and researching on moving company would prevent scams and you can reach a positive conclusion by the end of it.

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Last Minute Moving? No Hassle Anymore

When the things are normal, people usually get at least a month of time to make a move with their goods but what when there is no time to think and prepare and you just have to make a move in hurry. What if under the family emergency circumstances you have to move in a hurry? What if for your new job, you have to make the fastest move? In such a case, there is no skip but just to face the challenge and being prepared with best of your tools will definitely help you in finishing the things on time and safe also. The process of moving itself is a tough challenge but when there is a scarcity of time the things become even the toughest to deal with. Hiring packers and movers is although a good option but it is definitely not the last. If you are also supposed to move in a hurry then we are here with something really interesting.

Follow the Tips and Move Safe Even If it is Last Minute

It is a human psychology, that makes him panic when the time is really less. And the stress doubles when he has to face the process of moving the things in a hurry. If you are also under the same circumstances where you have to make a move in hurry and have to consider the safety of things too, then below we are mentioning something worth reading for you. Following the tips mentioned here, will help you to face the challenge of moving in a hurry.

Hire Professional Movers or Rent a Truck: When moving in a short notice, finding the most appropriate choice in packers and movers is tough and challenging. However, considering the limited time frame, it is required that one should be very attentive when choosing the packers and movers for the task because overall, it is the safety of the goods which matter ultimately. The first thing that you have to consider in the same is to choose a reputable, trusted and most importantly an experienced one for the task.

Although, most of the reputable and good movers might be booked in advance, but you should still try to find the one who would handle the things in the way you want it to happen and yes, you should be prepared to pay them more as you would be booking them at the last moment and they have to reschedule their responsibilities and work. Even if, you are looking for inexpensive or cheap movers at the last moment then it is going to be a tough challenge for you, as you are already lacking in time and researching and finding the mover, most appropriate of your choice can be a tedious thing to deal with. The best thing that would work for you in such a scenario is a recommendation from those who have used the services of moving professionals. You can ask them and go with the choice made by them, without struggling hard in researching on the options.

You should also check the reviews of the movers, to keep the decision on the safer side and to ensure that you should not get trapped with rogue movers. Although, it is a bit risky to find the appropriate movers at last moments and even if you are finding the decent ones then their charges may make you take your step back. In such a situation you should be prepared with plan B as well, which is to DIY the moving and shifting task. When you are prepared to do the things by your own, then make sure you hire the moving truck or rent a truck in advance because ultimately you would need a vehicle in which your goods would be transported.

Organize The Move Step By Step: As you are already running with the shortage of time hence make sure to avoid mess as much as possible. There are high chances of ending up the things into a total mess when the time is less or when one is doing the things in a hurry. Don’t lose your patience; it is the first and foremost thing that you have to keep in mind when you are up to the work, which is going to give you so much of stress. The foremost important thing for you to meet up with this daunting task is to make a timeline for doing the things. Following a proper moving checklist will aid you in reaching the target successfully. As each and every second is crucial, hence make sure you are making the best of every time by following a strict timeline. Following a proper schedule would always let you remain calm and compose throughout the task.

Sort and Pack Items: We all are aware that packing for the move is the most time-consuming process. It is going to take a big portion of the total moving time, so you really have to utilize the best of it. Carrying everything that you have is going to be time-consuming, which you really cannot afford at the moment and hence it is required that you should end up packed with the things that you would actually use there. Yes, we are asking you to sort and pack the items. Stuffing everything and putting it in the moving truck would not give the solution to the present situation. It is required to behave smartly at the time, and sort out the things that would be useful at the next place and purge the unnecessary or unwanted items.

Call Friends for Help: You are running shortage of time and your friends would understand this better. Considering the very limited time and the big challenge ahead, you can ask friends for help. Whether it is in packing the things or loading it in the moving truck, help from friends would really make a difference. Yes, as a reward for their efforts you should treat them.

Yes, it is difficult to move in a hurry but in the meantime, it is not something which is impossible. With a good planning and the prompt and smart action while dealing the situation, definitely you can achieve the target. Hiring packers and movers could be daunting and would require a lot of patience, but in case you could not find the appropriate choice you can go with DIY in packing and moving as well.

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Is Having Packing and Unpacking Services a Great Idea?

A name which is commonly considered for packing and unpacking is moving company. They are the professionals who are expert in dealing with requirement and hence could help in having the safe transaction of things from a place to another. Now, as there are professionals for every other assistance the same is with packing and moving as well. To make the moving task easier and simpler there are moving professionals who help people to get over the problems of packing and moving by handling the things by their own. If you are wondering whether the services of packing and unpacking would be fruitful then here are few of the points that will make you to understand it better.

Manage Time: If you are running shortage of time and still want that everything should happen fine during the packing and unpacking then definitely by hiring the movers you can achieve the same. They are proficient in meeting with requirements and hence can do the things in better and professional manner.

Devote Time to Other Things: If you would have the moving company by your side for packing and unpacking the stuff then definitely you can devote that time to something important and hence could relax and relieve yourself.

Convenience in New Setup: Having the professionals by your side helps in settling up the new place easily. Without the help of the professionals things would take at least a week but when they are managing it can be done with the blink of seconds.

Safety of Goods: If the professionals are handling the requirement of move everything is done at the safest level. They cover insurance against loss and damage and hence safety of the things is always guaranteed.

Physical Relief: And, at last it is the physical relief that a person gets with packers and movers. They would handle requirement of move and hence saving the person from physical exertion which is ultimately something good for health.

Having packing and moving services is self-help because the professionals would ultimately provide peace of mind. Have them and enjoy safe transition of goods with them.

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What Are the Most Commonly Damaged Items during Move

A move is a mixture of good and bad feelings. Good feelings, because a change is always for something good and for some development in life and bad because leaving the loved one behind is never easy. The task of moving is risky because no one knows whether the things that have been packed at the destination is going to reach safe and secure at the next point or not. Hence, to make it simple people do consider approaching the professionals for the move who could eradicate the damage of move and hence could provide the safest ever experience of shifting.

To be aware about the challenges always helps a person to meet up with it well and this is what happens during shifting too. If a person would be aware about the damages that he might face during the move then the handling of the process will become easy for him. Below in this article we are going to mention about the most commonly damaged items during the move.

Dishes: The most delicate item at every home is dishes. During the move, there are high chances of damage to the same. To ensure that it should reach to the new place safe, it is required that one should use the proper packing material for the same. Taking professional assistance is also a great move.

Electronics: Packing and moving the electronic items is also a great risk. A single mishandle during the process of relocation can make a person lose the possession over the same. it is required to follow the complete guidelines or the instruction of user manual to assure the things go well.

Fragile and Antiques: The fragile and antiques are also prone to damage during the move. Only few people are aware about the sensitivity and the way they should handle the same and this is a reason they end up with the damaged fragile and antiques.

Toys: Toys and playthings of children are also sensitive hence are prone to damage during the move. It should be packed very efficiently if you want the same to be in the exact condition as it was during the time of packing.

This is the list of most commonly damaged item during the move. If a person wishes that nothing in the move should get damaged then he should opt for the services of moving professionals in the same. They would make the things simpler and safe as well.

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Efficient Strategies for Cutting Moving Cost

Budget plays a very vital role in the entire process of relocation. To have the safest relocation ever, people do consider budgeting as an important aspect. The investment on the move is considered to be one amongst the biggest ones and hence it is required that one should plan the finances of the move accordingly. A good budget would help in adjusting well at the new destination. A person needs to invest a big portion of his saving on the move and hence everyone looks out for a reason to save as much as he can on moving and shifting.

If you are also moving in near future then this is an article where you are going to get something interesting. We are here mentioning about the efficient strategies that would help you out to cut the moving cost.

Purge the Load: You should purge the load and try to move with the things that you need the most. If you are moving locally then you can make out with the little items of yours but in case it is a long distance move then it would be better to carry the essentials or the items that are worth. Moving with the items that you won’t be using at the new place would be a sheer wastage of time as well as money.

Do It Yourself: The best way to save money on the move and cut the moving cost is definitely by doing the things by own. Pack and move the things by yourself but make sure you do it professionally well else it would come out to be an unwanted load for you.

Plan Prior: Planning prior for the move is always helpful. If you are looking for the services of packers and movers for shifting your things then approach them at least a month of before that, in such a case you can grab attractive discounts from them.

Take Help: Your friends and neighbors can help you to attain good and great discounts on moving and shifting the things. You can take their help in packing and moving the things and in this way you can save on your investment on moving companies. You can also gather packing supplies from them and save in that as well.

These are few of the most effective strategies that will help you to cut the moving cost. A good planning will always help you to save a lot of money in the entire process of moving.

Where to Know Shifting Charges Per Kilometer in Bangalore

A move is never a move when the moving professionals are not there to handle the requirement. Shifting is a very tough business and hence in order to-do everything well and perfect one needs the assistance of professional movers and packers who could manage the requirement. Hire packers and movers, is a suggestion that everyone gets but where to find them and how to know if they are reliable or not is still a tough challenge. To bring much convenience for people, nowadays there are many packers and movers that are available in the services. As the options are more, so as the confusion to spot which one is good and genuine and which one is actually not.

Now, the very important question that comes here is that, the charges of packers and movers in Bangalore. For your safe move in Bangalore, you wish to hire the moving professionals but before you finalize the deal you would like to know their charges, isn’t it? Well, there is no second thought in this, that shifting needs a big portion of your investment and especially when you want to take the services of professionals. For shifting from Bangalore whether local shifting in the city or a long distance move, charges of the movers is always an important consideration. For making the perfect moving budget, there are people who are specific about each penny and hence they want to know about charges of packers and movers in Bangalore per kilometer.

For those who want to know about per kilometer charges of packers and movers, we could suggest them few effective means. You should search the desired keyword in Google, like if you want to know about charges of local house shifting in Bangalore, you should type it there and as a result you can know about the moving companies that provide your desired services. While collecting the moving quotes from the companies, you should be specific about the per kilometer charges and should ask the movers for the same. The per kilometer charges differs from shifting to shifting. It depends on the distance of move, type of goods, type of move and the total number of goods. Hence, as per your desire you can know about the movers charging per kilometer and could approach the company that fits appropriately. Being kilometer specific would save a lot of money of your and of course, you would get the best deal.

How much is House Shifting Charges in Bangalore

Amongst all other types of relocation, a type of move which is much common is household goods shifting. The moving and shifting of house goods is a very tough and it is because each and every item needs a special attention and care. For your house shifting in Bangalore, you need two things; one is a good planning and another one is the services of packing and moving professionals. Yes, you got it right we are talking about packers and movers services. Household goods are not only the possessions of the house; they are actually the feelings and emotions that connect a person with everything that he owns. Emotional attachment with the goods is the prime reason why a person wishes to move with the goods anywhere where he moves.

If you want to reach to a positive conclusion of your house shifting in Bangalore then definitely you need to hire packers and movers. A very important consideration related to moving companies is that, how to know about their charges. Claiming this won’t be wrong that everyone who wishes to make a move with professionals is concerned about the mover charges and why not, after all it involves a very big portion of moving budget. This is a common question. To help people understand it better, we are here describing the factors that affect the shifting charges.

There are many things in which the moving charges are dependent. The number of goods is one decisive factor. As per the number of goods you would be carrying the movers would charge for the packing materials. Now, another factor is the move type. The more complex the move would be the more the charges of professionals will be. For a household move, one needs to pay less in comparison with a commercial shifting. Distance is another significant factor.

Nowadays, most of the packers and movers in Bangalore charge per kilometer, it is a great aid for people who are moving to a long distance from the city as they will get distance specific quote. So, calculating the house shifting charge for 1 BHK in Bangalore or any other house size depends on the factors that are mentioned here. Beware that while the movers provide you with the quotation of shifting, it should be clear about the services and charges for the same so that, you may not get scammed.

How to Contact Best Packers and Movers in Bangalore for House Shifting

For the growth in life, everyone searches for good opportunity and when they get the one they are ready to make small or sometimes even big compromises. Location change is amongst one compromise that a person makes in order to achieve something good in life. The process of changing location from a place to another is called as relocation. It is definitely not a concept which is new but it is something which is getting much popularity now and it is all due to the desire of people to achieve heights in their life. However shifting can be defined into many forms and many types but amongst all the most common type of shifting is household goods relocation.

It is a shifting that involves the relocation of goods that are under the possession of a person in his household. It is attachment with goods only that makes a person to move with it to the new place. Now, in consideration with the household move one question that comes here is that how one should contact the best packers and movers in Bangalore for household goods shifting. We are mentioning here three simple steps that will help you in the search.

Make a Search Engine Hunt: The first thing to be done in this regard is to make a search on the search engine. For this, you need to type the desired keyword like ‘packers and movers in Bangalore for house shifting’. By the proper search at Google or any other search engine, you will come across the names.

Scan Profiles of Companies: Well, there would be many names for you to scan while you go through the search engine. You have to do the task very smartly. Go with the certified companies. Filter the companies on the basis of use reviews and scan the options as per your moving desires.

Collect Moving Estimates: And, the last step of the process is to collect the moving estimates from the companies. From the scanned and selected option, collect the quote for the move. Clearly check if the quotes provided matches with the services or not and once satisfied then only move with the choice.

So, these three are definitely the best tips that will help you to scan and find the trustworthy local packers and movers in Bangalore for relocation of household goods. A meaningful research would always provide goods results by the end.

How to Pack and Move Refrigerator

Packing and moving few particular items can be a mess and one thing that is actually complicated to handle is refrigerator. It is undoubtedly a very important part of the home but at the meantime it is something much complicated to pack and move as well. If there are professionals to manage the same then it can be done with no hassle but in case a person is supposed to manage everything by own then actually it becomes a hassle. For those who want to make a move with this very important possession of their home, here is something very important that they will relate and hence could pack and move the refrigerator in the safest manner.

Measure: The first thing that you are supposed to do is to measure the size of the refrigerator. This is necessary as it will help you in calculating the space that would be required to move the refrigerator. Pathways and doorways are the places you need to measure for the easy moving and shifting.

Gather Supplies: Packing refrigerator is daunting because adequate packing supplies are required for the same. To ensure that it is moved safe, one has to wrap the refrigerator in the proper packing material. For the best result using the original packing box would be much efficient.

Clear out Contents: The entire content inside the refrigerator should be cleared. This is necessary because it will help out in packing it efficiently. Also, if you are moving to a longer distance then keeping things inside refrigerator would not only disturb the process but will also spoil the inside surface.

Unplug: You should unplug the refrigerator a day before packing the same. This will ensure that all the residual ice in it will melt so that the packing process would not become messy.

Remove What You Can: Whether the refrigerator trays or stands, all the removable should be removed. This is required because it would ensure that things will reach to the place safe and that too without scratches or damages.

Wrap Chord and Secure Door: The chord of the refrigerator should be wrapped properly and also you should secure the door with tape.

These are the few efficient tips for packing refrigerator. In order to have the safest round of relocation you should follow the safety tips.

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